Dhanvantari Stotram

Dhanvantari Stotram
Dhanvantari Stotram

Dhanvantari Stotram

Om Sankham Chakram Jaloukaam
Dadhadamruta GhatamChaaru Dorbhicchaturbhihi
Sookshma Swacchati Hrudayaamsuka
Parivilasan Moulim Amboja Netram
Kaalaambodojvalaangam Katitata Vilasat
Chaaru Peetaambaraadyam
Vandey Dhanvantarim Tam
Nikhila Gada Vana Proudda Daavaagni Leelam



Salutations to him, Lord Dhanvantari, who is holding in his four hands a Conch, a Disc .a Leech and a pot of celestial ambrosia
in whose heart shines a very clear, gentle and pleasing blaze of light, which also shines all around HIS head and lotus eyes.
On the dark blue/black water his body is luminous and splendid.
His waist and thighs are covered in yellow cloth and who by his mere play destroys all diseases like a huge forest fire.


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