The Nayaka Bhava


The Nayaka Bhava

Just like the heroines, the moods and emotions of the hero are also classified into different divisions. The main division is

  • Dheerodaatta eg. Lord Rama
  • Dheeroddhata eg. Demon Ravana
  • Dheeralalita eg. Vatsaraaja
  • Dheerashanta eg. Buddha

The other classification is

Pati – Married & faithful to his wife.

Upapati – Married but in love with another woman.

Vaisika – One who pays & enjoys women.

Further Nayaka classifications

Anukoola – Faithful to the Woman. eg. Lord Rama

Dakshina – Loves all his wives or women. eg. Arjuna

Drishta – When rejected, pleads to be accepted by his woman. eg. Vaali

Shatha – The deceitful one. eg. Lord Krishna

Most of the ashtanayika bhavas are experienced by the Nayaka also though the depiction of ashtanayika is more than the nayaka.

Nayaka’s Companion plays an important role too.This companion is categorized as

  • Peetamardhana
  • Vita
  • Cheta
  • Vidooshaka

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