cabas – A simple instrument made from beads and coconut which is used in film and folk music.
cakkardar – See chakradar.
calan – See chalan.
capaknewala – See chapaknewala.
Carnatic sangeet – The south Indian system of music.
caugun – See chaugun.
chachar tal – See dipchandi.
chakra tal – An obscure tal variously described as five or 30 beats.
chakradar – A tihai in which each phrase is a tihai in itself.
chala – See chalan.
chalan – Some consider this to be similar to peshkar while some consider it to be similar to laggi or ladi. There is not a broadly accepted definition.
champak tal – See adachautal.
chanchar – See dipchandi.
chand – A theme and variation based upon unusual syncopations.
chandra tal – An obscure tal of 18 beats.
chandrachartal – See chandrachautal.
chandrachautal – An obscure tal of 13 beats.
chandrakala tal – An obscure tal of 15 beats.
chandrakrida tal – An obscure tal of nine beats.
chandramani tal – An obscure tal of 11 beats.
chang tal – An obscure eight beat tal.
chant – See chat.
chanti – See chat.
chapaka tal – An obscure eight beat tal.
chapaknewala – A type of Dha characterized by a strong “Tak” sound.
charbag – A type of gat or paran revolving around a particular bol played four times.
chartal – See chautal.
chartal ki sawari – A rare tal of 11 beats.
chart – See chat
chat – The outer section of the tabla skin.
chat tal – An obscure tal of 12 beats.
chati – See chat.
chatrustal – An obscure tal of 10 beats.
chatur tal – An obscure tal of 15 beats.
chaturbhag – An archaic unit of time equal to two kalas.
chaturput tal – An obscure tal of nine beats.
chaturstra jati – Any rhythm composed of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. beats.
chaugun – A layakari of 4:1. (i.e., quadruple time.)
chauhai – Similar to tihai except there is a repetition of the phrase four times instead of three.
chaupalli – 1) The same as tipalli except with four sections. 2) A composition revolving around a quadruple repetition of a single bol (e.g.,. . . . . . .).
chautal – An old 12 beat pakhawaj tal.
chegun – (Lit. “six-times”) Six strokes per beat.
chela – A disciple, or student.
chikari – The drone strings on the sides of sitar, sarod and a few other instruments.
chilla – 40 days of reclusion and austerities.
chinh – Notational elements.
chitra tal – An obscure tal variously described as two or 15 beats.
chota kheyal – A fast vocal style.
choti savari tal – Considered by most to be synonymous to pancham savari.
chougun – see chaugun.
chudamani tal – An obscure tal considered by some to be 17 beats and 32 beats by others.
chutta – The cushioned rings which support the tabla.
cilla – See chilla.


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