baaj – See baj.
baaz – See baj.
badhi – The tasma.
bada – (Lit. “large”). The slow section of a kheyal.
badi savari tal – An obscure tal of 16 beats.
baj – A style of playing (i.e., dilli baj, ajrada baj, etc.).
bal – A palta or permutation of rela or kaida.
banarasi baj – A style of playing originating in Benares, often considered synonymous to purbi baj.
band – (Lit. “closed”.) Non-resonant strokes such as Te, Ka, Kat, Tak, etc.
bandish – A composition or fixed musical piece.
bansi – Corruption of bansuri.
bansuri – A bamboo flute.
bant – Another name for kaida.
banti – Another name for kaida.
barabar lay – 1) Thah or single time. 2)Playing in chaturstra jati (i.e., 1/2 time, single time, double time, etc.).
basant tal – An obscure tal of nine or 18 beats.
basant shikhir tal – An obscure tal of 26 beats.
bastani – In the old days this was a sling in which tabla was placed. In this manner the tabla could be played while walking or standing.
bayan – The large metal left hand drum.
bedum tihai – A tihai in which the three sections are not separated by a pause.
Benares – A city in North India. A gharana from that city.
Bengal – A state in northeastern India.
bhdaua daadra tal – An obscure tal of six beats.
bhagavan tal – An obscure tal of 17 beats.
bhagn tal – An obscure tal of 23 beats.
bhai – Brother. See guru bhai.
bhairav tal – An obscure pakhawaj tal of 22 beats.
bhajan – A Hindu religious song.
bhakti – Devotion to god.
bhanumati tal – An obscure pakhawaj tal of 11 beats.
bharan – A filler. Something of little theoretical importance used to fill up a certain number of beats.
bharatnatyam – A classical dance form of South India.
bhargavi tal – An obscure tal of 22 beats.
bhari – (Lit. “full”) 1) Clapped, see tali. 2) A section which is characterized by open strokes.
Bhatkhande – See Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande.
bhatkhande paddhati – The theoretical and notational system of Bhatkhande.
bhrang tal – An obscure tal of 15 beats.
bhrangi tal – An obscure tal of 16 beats.
bhumika – An opening phrase for tabla solos used in the purbi styles.
biadi lay – Playing in misra jati (i.e., 13/4 times, 31/2 times, or seven times.) See also paune duggan.
bilahairi tal – An unusual tal of 9 1/4 beats.
bin – 1) A vina, specifically Rudra vina. 2) (Incorrectly) A snake charmers instrument.
biradari – (Lit. “brotherhood”) The relationship that exists between musicians of the same gharana.
bol – The mnemonic syllabi of tabla.
bol paran – A type of composition whose syllabi are actually words.
Brahma – The supreme creator (God).
brahma tal – An obscure tal either of 14 or 28 beats.
brahmayog tal – An obscure tal of 15 or 18 beats.
brihaddeshi – An ancient musical text written by Matang.


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