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At the forefront of Indian Classical Dance, dancer kalamandalam Dhanusha Sanyal represents the future of the ancient art form “Mohiniyattam”. A dedicated, sincere and creative dancer who has mesmerizedart lovers throughout the nation with her graceful movements and Abhinaya. Dhanusha has caught the eye of art critics and she has essayed many productions and played lead roles.She brings to her dance a rare sense of devotion and creativity which leaves her viewers with a sense of conceptual and spiritual fulfillment.

Kalamandalam Dhanusha Sanyal is the founder director of Gouridharpana School of dance, an aspiring school of Classical dance for students who has a vision and commitment for this dance form.She is a student ofKeralaKalamandalam (1997-2001 batch), a premier and prestigious institution in India. She has also undergone a one year advanced course in Mohiniyattom under the guidance of Guru Kalamandalam Leelama and also a dedicated student of Bharathi Sivaji (center for Mohiniyattam in Calicut). She has also had the privilege of doing a 4-year advanced course under the very famous Guru RLVAnand.

Kalamandalam Dhanusha Sanyal has been both practicing and performing under Mrs. Jayaprabha Menon in NewDelhi. She brings to her audience a refreshing presentation of dance. Owing to her long years of experience as a performer she has a deep understanding of the aesthetics of the dance.


Kalamandalam Dhanusha Sanyal has performed many solo programs and has accompanied her Guru in several prestigious national festivals.

Some of festivals are:

Keli festivals Mumbai
Pacific Asian international festival New Delhi
Malabar mahothsavam Calicut
Keraleeyam Trissur
Sree Krishna gana sabha and music academy Chennai
Mathrubhoomi festival Ernakulum
Solo performances:
Onam celebration Palakkad
Malayala Kerala Gramam Mahe
Thalapoli Kodungallur
Malayali samajam Delhi.
She has also actively participated in the following choreography productions of Smt. Jayaprabha Menon
Vrindavanam (Fusion) Delhi.
Theeram (Mohiniyattam) Zanzibar
Sravanam (Bharatanatyam) Palakkad
Kananaseetha (mohiniyattam) Delhi and Kodungallur
Kavyanarthaki (mohiniyattam) Kodungallur and vayana
Mahishasura mardini (Bharatanatyam) Calicut, kodungallur and Chennai.


Performances Abroad
Daw cultural festival Zanzibar
Tanzania cultural festival Tanzania
Mauritius cultural programme Mauritius
(Sponsored by I.C.C.R in 2006)
Laasya Kala Sandya 2014 Dubai.
Lecture demonstrations
Dance academy Mauritius.
Carmel college mala.
Darpana meet Calicut.
St Anne’s H.S kottapuram
University of Brunei Darussalam


Vallathol scholarship Kerala kalamandalam Yuga Sanskrit best mohiniyattam student in Sanskrit.


Kalamandalam Dhanusha Sanyal
Shanthi complex
Kodungallur – 680664
Trissur, Kerala
Phone: 0480-2806857
Mobile 9847380754
Email: dhanushasanyal@gmail.com

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Kalamandalam-Dhanusha-Sanyal-291981687640310



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