1. Stand erect with a distance of one foot between your feet, keeping the feet parallel.
  2. Keep palms in a relaxed fist.
  3. Breathing in, rotate your arms and bring them up to the respective ears. Stretch the spine backward as much as you can. (refer to picture 1 above)
  4. Breathing out, slowly bend forward and get your forehead as low as possible.
  5. Simultaneously, rotate your arms in the opposite direction and try to get your hands as close to the head as possible.
  6. Maintain this position with suspension of breath for some time.
  7. Breathing in, slowly come up.
  8. Breathing out, relax.

Benefits: Provides an anterior-posterior stretch to the spine, thereby increasing spinal flexibility. Limitations: Heart patients and hypertensives should avoid this strenuous asana, severe arthritis, acute slipped disc any spinal injuries or surgeries to avoid Cakrasana.

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