1. Stand erect with 1 foot distance between your feet, keep feet parallel.
  2. Fix your gaze at a point in front of your eyes to maintain concentration.
  3. Breathing in, raise both the arms up to shoulder level, palms facing down. Simultaneously, raise your heels.
  4. Breathing out, squat keeping your knees parallel to each other and back as straight as possible.
  5. Remain in the final position with suspension of breath. All through, keep the heels raised and balance yourselves on toes.
  6. Breathing in, slowly come up.
  7. Breathing out, relax.

Benefits: Exercises muscles of the lower limbs, increases flexibility in the hip joint and on the waist, exercises the lower spine. Limitations: Those suffering from acute slipped disc, any injuries or surgeries on the spine, vertigo, hypertensives and heart patients should take support of window pane to do this asana. They should not hold their breath or raise heels. They can continue to breathe normal in the final position.

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