Varuna Mudra


Varuna Mudra

Bend the little finger of your right hand until the tip touches the ball of your right thumb; place the thumb of your right hand on it. Press the little finger and thumb slightly with your left thumb. At the same time, your left hand encircles the right hand lightly from below.

Do as needed, or practice three times a day for 45 minutes. Keshav Dev says that the Varuna Mudra should always be done when too much mucus or secretion collects in the stomach or lungs. Congestion can settle in the frontal sinuses, lungs, and the entire digestive tract from the stomach to the large intestine. Most allergic reactions are ultimately mucous congestion triggered by specific irritating substances. When we catch a cold, we are usually in a rut in other ways as well. I find this to be 100 percent true for myself. Since I have recognized this fact, I can also do something to relieve the situation (I reduce my workload and my obligations). Mucous congestion, no matter where it occurs in the body, is always related to overstimulated nerves, inner tensions and unrest, triggered by overstraining, being pressed for time, being aggravated,
or experiencing fear. In addition to practicing the Varuna Mudra, it is always important to make a new life plan. Including other people in it is usually good! Perhaps you should rethink your tasks and obligations and reassign some of them to you partner, your child, and/or your parents. People who suffer from mucous congestion are often too conscious of responsibility and think that everything depends on them or that they must do everything alone.

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