Kathak Costumes


Kathak Costumes

Kathak is a wonderful blend of Hindu and Muslim culture. So, there are two kinds of costumes in Kathak. We make costumes at a very reasonable rate. You can place an order and we will mail it to you at our earliest convenience. We make traditional costumes, but custom designs are welcome. You may provide measurements either in person or by email/mail. We suggest silk material (e.g. Banarasi , South silk). Since Kathak is unique for footwork and circles, the material has to be light for producing flaires. We have given pictures of both types of costumes below. You may provide the material of the costume or choose a color and a design and we will buy it and let you know the price.

Kathak Costumes – See pictures below

# Lahenga-Choli (long banjara-top choli or a shorter sari-blouse-style choli) and Veil (women and girls) or Dhoti-Kurta (men and boys)

# Angarakshak and Veil (women and girls) or Kameez-Churidar-Vest (men and boys)


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