What is Ayurveda


A life science, illuminating precise methods of living, eating and behaving. Ayurveda literally means a science that deals about living and knowledge of life. As believed by many, ayurveda is not only a medicinal system but a complete manual of living and leading healthy and happy life. A carefully designed system of living, with time tested results helps in preventing instability, caused in body. Whole ayurvedic system is based on the principle that every object in this world made from five basic matters i.e. space, air, water, fire and earth. All living and non living things both are composed of these five basic elements better known as panch mahabhoot. This basic design is analogous in all the objects existing on the planet and hence contributes in creating a similar system in all. Homeostasis of the body gets disturbed when the ratio of these panch mahabhoot gets dissipated or imbalanced. Now, to again make that system in balance ayurveda applies the external constituents to make that loss compensated.

Ayurveda is a complete self-being system, which dominantly stresses on living a good and healthy lifestyle that does not have any imbalance in the harmony and rhythm of the body. A holistic skill that works on harmonizing the vital forces of the body and helps in providing steadiness to our body systems. If there is disparity in the customary flow of energy in the body, it will cause deviation in normal functioning, thus leading to roga (disease) that eventually will cause dukha (misery).
When ever there is imbalance in the vital forces, the body gets diseased and faces misery. This disease and suffering causes sorrow in humans and hence leads to discomfort in normal living. Ayurveda relates prevention of diseases and misery by five basic methodologies. These are detoxification and clean-up of bodies’ negativities, stimulating the functioning of immune system, dealing and administrating with stress, impede premature aging progression, and rejuvenating the lost energies with time.
This concept of ayurveda shows that every individual in this universe has his own bodily system which is called prakruti (nature) that is decided after the conception in the womb of the mother. Every individual has different prakruti and this prakruti decides the fate and nature of the entity. Ayurveda can be considered as an observational science which developed as per the need of humans during his evolution towards today’s world and has got time proven results. The whole ayurvedic system is designed in such a way that normal homeostasis is maintained by following particular lifestyle and supplementing the deficiency with new similar part, by which homeostasis is maintained.
A system well cross linked by healthy lifestyle and high thinking values that helps in creating the gesture of pleasure and ecstasy in body. Ayurveda believes in eternal, internal and external sukha (delight). According to ayurvedic philosophy human body is achieved after crossing 84 lakh births, and only human body has the capability that helps in achieving the ultimate goal of life i.e. moksha.
Ayurveda teaches self development of an individual at both physical and physic level. It also helps in eliminating all types of negativities present in the body and refreshes our body and soul with the youth and bliss. Ayurveda laid emphasis on curving our soul to such a path that helps in maintaing wellness and purity towards others.

Ayurveda is considered as the oldest system of medicine still in practice world wide. Ayurveda also shows its diversification as it spreads around the globe. The great Alexander, when he invaded India, took some well qualified vaidya (ayurvedic physicians) with him. This ultimately led to the creation of Unani system of medicine. Influence of ayurveda is very visibly seen on Tibetan and Chinese medicine system. Roots of ayurveda can still be traced in Far East i.e. China, Korea, Japan, Burma, Bhutan, Sri Lanka to western countries like Greece, Persia and Portugal.
Presently ayurveda is creating lots of talks in western galleries, as its wonders are being felt in far western world. Benefits of ayurveda are now exposed to western culture and are now gaining huge popularity and curiosity amongst the different faces of the world. People are taking great interest in ayurveda and there is huge wave of learning and practicing ayurveda is created. Many centers of learning ayurveda are now set up in different countries and people are being taught ayurvedic lifestyles and therapy. People are deriving huge benefits using ayurvedic techniques and concepts. Yoga is creating waves in every corner of this world. Ayurvedic massages and panchkarma techniques are now famous worldwide. Ayurvedic herbs and there formulations are not only relieving people from there problems but also curing them.


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