na – Fundamental tabla bol.
nad siddha – The spiritual mastery over sound to the extent that miracles may be worked.
nadaswaram – A large south Indian oboe used in temples marriages etc.
nagada – A pair of kettle drums played with sticks.
nagada khani rela – A rela which is structured to imitate the sound of a nagada.
nakshatra tal – An obscure tal of 27 beats.
nal – A dholki.
namaskar – A traditional greeting, or show of respect made by bringing the hands together.
namaskari paran – An unusual piece which incorporates a namaskar into the structure, usually into the tihai.
nandi tal – An obscure tal considered by some to be 24 beats and 32 by others.
narayani tal – An unusual tal of 9 3/4 beats.
narada – Great saint in mythology who is said to be responsible for bringing the science of music to mankind.
nat tal – An obscure tal of four beats.
natyashastra – The science of dramatics.
naubat – A traditional group of musicians associated with open air performances at royal courts.
nau-hakka – See nohakka.
nau-ki-tihai – A chakradar.
navaras – The nine primary emotions of the Indian system of aesthetics.
navaratna – Nine jewels or nine learned men of a royal court.
nilakusum tal – An obscure tal of 15 beats.
nilanbuj tal – An obscure tal of 13 beats.
nimish – An archaic unit of time equal to the blink of an eye.
nirdosh tal – An obscure tal of five beats.
nisaru tal – An obscure tal of 10 beats.
nishabd kriya – Timekeeping without making a sound.
nishad – The seventh note of the scale (Ni).
nishkram – (Archaic) A style of silent timekeeping (marg nishabd kriya).
nishoruk tal – An obscure tal of nine beats.
nohakka – A type of tihai in which the bol “dha” comes nine times.
nomtom – A rhythmic style of introduction found in dhrupad and dhammar.
nrtya – Dance.
numtum – See Nomtom.


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