GLOSSARY OF TERMS "J" – An Indian Art.



jagadamba tal – An obscure 19 beat tal.
jagajhampa tal – An obscure 15 beat tal.
jagpal tal – An obscure 11 beat tal.
jaltarang – A set of bowls tuned by adding or removing water, hit with small wooden sticks.
jarab – See zarab.
jat tal – An obscure tal, variously considered to be 8, 12, or 16 beats.
jat dipchandi – See dipchandi.
jati – 1) A class of rhythm. 2) The number of notes present in a rag. 3) An ancient modal form of singing.
jayamangal tal – An obscure tal which some consider 13 beats while others consider 14 beats.
jhala – The fast rhythmic style of instrumental music characterized by a constant plucking of drone strings (chikari).
jhampa tal – An obscure tal variously considered to be 6, 7, 8, 10, or 12 beats.
jhampak tal – An obscure 11 beat tal.
jhaptal – A common tal of 10 beats.
jhoomra – See jhumra.
jhumra tal – A tal of 14 beats, used primarily in kheyal.
jod – A style of instrumental music characterized by rhythm but no rhythmic cycle.
jor – An instrumental equivalent of nomtom.
joralap – See jor.
jori – The tabla pair.
jugalbandhi – Duet between two similar instruments or vocalists.


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