Gathibhedha There are 10 unique ways of Gathibhedha(Gait). They are

  • Hamseegathi – Walk while keeping one foot in front of the other and sway with each step, hold kapitha hasta in both hands. (Walk like a Swan)
  • Mayooreegathi – Stand on the tip of toes, hold kapitha in both hands and fold up the legs for each step. (Walk like a Peacock)
  • Mrugeegathi – Hold tripataka in both hands and run around like a Deer
  • Gajagathi – Hold pataka hasta near the ears, walk very slowly with Samapaada
  • Turangineegathi – Lift the right leg, hold shikhara in left hand and pataka in right hand and jump with the left leg.(Like a Horse)
  • Simheegathi – Hold shikhara hasta in both hands, jump on the toes and move forward. (Like a Lion)
  • Bhujangeegathi – Hold tripataka in both hands & walk as explained in simheegathi. (Like a Snake)
  • Mandookeegathi – Like simheegathi.
  • Veeragathi – Hold shikhara hasta in left hand, pataka in right and walk as though coming from far.
  • Maanaveegathi – Keep the left hand on the waist, katakamukha in right and walk while turning around for each step.

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