Little Finger Energy


Meditation 5: Little Finger Energy

The second chakra, which is the energetic center of sexuality, is associated with the little finger. It deals with interpersonal relationships in general, as well as partnership in particular. This classification of sexuality corresponds with Hatha Yoga. (In Buddhism, sexuality is associated with the ring finger.) It also contains the ability to communicate. Since the Chinese healing practitioners found the heart meridian to be in this fin
ger, this confirms the yogis’ thesis relating the water element to it (water symbolizes the realm of the emotions). Joyful, fulfilling relationships not only warm the heart, but also nourish and strengthen it. And, in turn, strong heart energy gives us the ability to be happy. It gives us sublime feelings and improves our mood. Our mood, which is always the sum of present feelings, can be compared with the waves on the surface of a lake. They are rhythmically harmonious or vehement; the water is clear and clean, or shallow, heavy, dark and dirty.

Sit or lie down. Now encircle your left little finger with the four fingers of your right hand, with your right thumb extending to the middle of your left hand. Close your eyes. In your mind’s eye, you are sitting by the sea and observing the waves—they come toward you, and roll back out and disappear. The same applies to your feelings, moods, and also to your relationships with others. Giving and receiving love is also subject to this law. Be aware that you only receive as much love as you can unconditionally give. This doesn’t even have to mean great deeds. A friendly, warm heart for fellow human beings, animals, plants, water, air, and earth are entirely enough. Imagine someone (someone specific or in general) happy and encourage him or her, if necessary. Believe in this individual’s abilities and good heart. Imagine entire scenes in which this person is cheerful and smiling happily. If you have no one close to you, then do this little exercise—perhaps while riding the bus, train, or streetcar—in relation to a stranger. I guarantee that you will experience wonders if you keep this up for several days or weeks. The time will come when your heart will overflow with joy. But the most important thing is: don’t expect anything at all for the time being. Radiate your goodwill and your love unconditionally. Just have some patience until the seeds sprout. Continue holding your little finger for a while and feel the flowing warmth. Then encircle your right little finger and hold it for the same amount of time.

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