Index Finger Energy


Meditation 2: Index Finger Energy

The heart chakra, the large intestine, and the deep meridian of the stomach are associated with this finger. Here we also find the “sure” instinct, having “a good nose,” the ability to reflect, and inspiration. This energy goes to our innermost core and back to the cosmos from there. We can also draw on our innermost being (intuition) and receive from the cosmos (inspiration). This finger includes both closeness and expansiveness. How much closeness can we stand? The air element represents the mind—the power of thought. Thoughts are as invisible as the air and yet, as the yogis have discovered, they are the cause of all the actions that we take or refrain from taking, of everything that we reject and attract, for our health and for e
very mood, and for the entire design of our life. The planetary power of Jupiter is also associated with this finger, and indicates the eternal change of things— accepting life with all its facets, working through (digesting), and letting go again.

There is also a clear, purposeful look into the future in this finger. Since our thoughts are so important, we should consider their quality more frequently. If we do the following meditation several days in a row, we will notice that there is a certain habit in our thoughts. Habits can be changed as soon as we become aware of them, but changes always require a certain amount of time. If we continuously replace harmful thoughts with useful ones, we can also change the circumstances of life accordingly.

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