GLOSSARY OF TERMS "R" – An Indian Art.


ra – A tabla bol.
rabab – A stringed instrument similar to sarod.
rababiya – One who plays rabab.
rag – The Indian musical modes.
ragini – A female rag.
ragmala – 1) A style of performance where numerous different rags are joined together. 2) A style of painting based upon the characterization of the various rags.
rajamandit tal – An obscure tal of 14 beats.
rajasingh tal – An obscure tal of 40 beats.
rajnarayan tal – An obscure tal of 28 beats.
rang tal – An obscure tal of 16 beats.
rangoli – 1) The decorative patterns drawn on the ground in front of the doorsteps of traditional Hindu families. 2) The powder used to draw the patterns.
rao – A rela like style that accompanies instrumental jhala.
ras tal – An obscure tal of 13 beats.
rassi – The rope lacing on the dholak.
rati tal – An obscure tal of 12 beats.
ravinandani tal – An obscure tal of 14 beats.
rayabank tal – An obscure tal of 24 beats.
razakhani gat – A fast gat played by instruments such as sitar or sarod.
rela – A very fast manipulation of small structures.
ri – A tabla bol.
riaz – See riyaz.
rishabh – The second note of the scale (Re).
riyaz – Perseverance, practice, dedication.
rudra tal – An obscure tal variously considered to be 11, 15, 16, or 17 beats.
rudra vina – An ancient vina composed of a single stick with two gourd resonators.
rupak tal – A common seven beat tal with uncommon variations of 5, 6, 9 or 11 beats.


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