Linga Mudra


Linga Mudra

“Linga” or “Angustha” means “phallus”. Thumb is a symbol of masculinity.


  1. Join both the palms.
  2. Interlace fingers of both hands.
  3. Extend one thumb upwards.
  4. Encircle extended thumb with the index finger and thumb of the other hand.


  • This mudra generates heat in the body and thus, while it “burns” away acc
    umulated phlegm in the chest, it also makes the body more resilient to the cold.
  • It helps in increasing dynamism in a person.
  • Persons with bilious temperament should practice this mudra under the guidance of able and experienced person.
  • Chronic cold is easily cured.
  • It burns unwanted calories in the body, thus reducing obesity.


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